Our Strategy

In 2020, we published a new strategy for our work. In 2022 we decided to extend it, with small updates, through to the end of 2023. Read our updated strategy for 2020-2023

Priorities for 2020-2023

Our projects, partner selection and research agenda are currently guided by the following three priority themes.


Robust infrastructures play an increasingly crucial role in the success and survival of the civic sector. This is especially true for activists who are under attack because of their mission, and for those who had to transition to remote work during the pandemic.

With this in mind, we provide hands-on support to activists who want to  strengthen or redesign their digital infrastructures.

Our vision is for social justice movements to use technology and data in safe, responsible and strategic ways, while actively mitigating the vulnerabilities created by digital systems.

Distribution of Power

It is crucial for civil society to be aware of the power dynamics at play within the world of tech and data, and to be able to distinguish between impactful and overhyped technologies.

We prioritise sharing knowledge on which digital solutions work for social justice movements, and how to explore alternative platforms and tools.


Social justice activists need to understand how new and old technologies shape our lives and how technology can facilitate power abuse.

We are working to mobilise local activists to advocate more effectively on issues connected to digital systems, and to make information more accessible in responsible and privacy-respecting ways.

Read our current strategy [2020-2023]

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