Consulting services

Our consulting partnerships help organisations pursue data and tech practices, policies, projects and approaches that are effective, human-centred and responsible.

What we can support you with

Clarifying tech needs and choosing effective, responsible approaches can be complex. We can help your team navigate internal data and tech discussions, identify tools and workflows that will work for you, and refine the ways you’re using tech and data in your external projects.

Challenges organisations come to us with

Partners come to us with a variety of tech- and data-related challenges. Here are just a few examples:

  • A persistent feeling that they should be thinking about an internal tech process more carefully, or that they would like to spend more time thinking about security.
  • A clear need (say, for a new database or CRM), combined with a desire to identify both the platform that will actually meet their needs and the adoption process that will be best for their team.
  • An interest in incorporating an emerging technology, like predictive analytics, but a need to ensure they do so responsibly.

How a consulting partnership works

Once we start working with you in a consulting partnership, we develop a plan tailored to you and your context. The plan could include things like identifying and analysing available tools, talking to security practitioners about specific needs, surveying your staff to gauge needs, reviewing available research on tools or topics, and more.

Who we’ve worked with in the past

Consultancy partners are typically civil society organisations working towards social justice who are ready to strengthen the way they work with data and technology and have funding to support that process.

Some of those we’ve worked with include Oak Foundation, International Budget Partnership, Frida, and L’Arche. 

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