Light-Touch Support

Our Light-Touch Support (LiTS) programme offers lightweight, no-fee support to organisations and individuals who have questions about using data or technology in their social justice work.

How does Light-Touch Support work?

LiTS starts with you reaching out to us with a specific question or challenge around using technology or data in your social justice work. From there, the process unfolds as follows: 

  • Step 1: We send you a brief intake survey. This allows us to get a better sense of who you are and what kind of challenges you’re looking for support with.
  • Step 2: We meet for a half-hour introductory call. This is focused on getting a deeper understanding of both your work and your challenges. 
  • Step 3: If we both agree that a LiTS partnership would be a good fit, we design a lightweight support plan to help you to independently address the challenges you have approached us with. The exact shape a plan takes can vary! In general, however, it will usually include at least one follow-up call alongside specific recommendations and resources. It might also include technical feedback or connections to other organisations or experts, where relevant.

Who Light-Touch Support is for

We provide LiTS support to organisations or individuals with resource constraints – whether that be funding or internal capacity – and with challenges that we can tackle together within one to four months of lightweight (e.g. 1 day per month) engagement.

We work with a wide array of organisations, usually within Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa, and LiTS partners vary in terms of their technical background – some partners want specific, technical advice, while others are less familiar with digital strategies and data or technology processes but are eager to learn.

Our support is tailored to our partners' individual needs and challenges

Challenges that LiTS could help with

Our LiTS support is tailored to our partner’s individual needs and challenges. Here are just some of the things that LiTS could potentially help you with:

  • Selecting tools and platforms that fit your needs
  • Assessing your digital security practices
  • Understanding how to implement responsible data practices
  • Establishing policies and practices around data and technology in line with your organisational values
  • Connecting with organisations and communities facing similar challenges, or with relevant data or tech expertise.

Organisations with stable funding can work with us through our research or consulting work, and those with more complex needs can start with a LiTS partnership that could evolve into a Matchbox partnership.

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