[Closed] Call for researchers: understanding digital threats to activists

Maya Richman

Do you conduct participatory research? Do you engage with activists in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, or Southeast Asia? Are you based in one of these regions? Looking for a new project? Read on!

The project

We are conducting research to understand the needs of recipients of emergency support. For the scope of this project, ‘emergency support’ means physical, digital, legal or psychosocial support following a digital attack or incident. Outcomes of this research will inform the strategy of a key provider of global emergency support.

We are looking to work with multiple researchers, from different regions, to explore the digital threats that activists face. We hope to identify both context-specific challenges and extract broader patterns. The work will be rooted in contextual and participatory research.

Selected researchers (up to three) would work with us in short-term, paid consultancies. The bulk of the work would take place from June to July, depending on researchers’ availability and project need.

Who are the ideal candidates?

We’re looking for researchers that are communicative, organised and motivated. The ideal candidates have an understanding of major issues that activists face in conducting their work, and have experience working on those that are related to digital threats. They are also ideally embedded in organisations with strong ties to the civil society ecosystem in their region(s).

A perfect fit would look something like the below. (But we encourage you to get in touch if you – or someone you know – might not fit these exactly but would still be a great candidate.)

  • Based in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, or Southeast Asia
  • Have experience doing primary research with diverse groups of actors. (This might look like: conducting interviews, focus group discussions, creative sessions, ethnographic observation, and more.)
  • Have knowledge of the field of emergency response for human rights activists
  • Adopt a participatory and inclusive research approach (By this, we mean that it encourages active engagement from the participants to co-define the research priorities.)
  • Can work independently and coordinate with The Engine Room remotely
  • Able and excited to travel, depending on research needs

Does this sound exciting to you? Apply at the link below! Do you know of an individual or organisation that would be a great fit? You can reach us at maya@theengineroom.org.

The deadline for applying is 7 May 2018.

Applications now closed.

Image by Hal Gatewood via Unsplash.


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