DatNav now available in Arabic

Zara Rahman
DatNav Arabic

We’re thrilled to announce that DatNav, our guide to help navigate and integrate digital data into human rights research, is now available in Arabic, thanks to the support and hard work of Meedan.

Translated in Arabic as داتناف , DatNav is the result of a collaboration between Amnesty International, Benetech, and The Engine Room, together with nearly 70 key members of the human rights tech + data community representing nearly 40 different organisations from around the world. With the facilitation help of Collaborations for Change, DatNav was created through a writing sprint in May 2016.

The Arabic translation of DatNav / داتناف was carried out by Meedan, who build digital tools for global journalism and translation. As long term supporters of Meedan’s great work, we were thrilled to have them join the community of organisations and individuals who have worked on DatNav.

DatNav’s partners include organisations focused on the Arab region, including the Gulf Center for Human Rights and the Syrian Justice and Accountability Center. Other partners, such as WITNESS, also have a number of resources already available in Arabic, as do Benetech through their Bookshare initiative.

With this translation of DatNav / داتناف, we hope that even more human rights researchers will be able to use the resources in the guide to help leverage digital data in their work, and we’re very happy to now have DatNav available in Spanish, English and Arabic.

If you’re interested in translating DatNav into another language, get in touch with us! All of the content is Creative Commons Licensed and we love remixes or copies of the content.

Download the guide now.


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