Extending our support in solidarity with Colombian civil society

Paola Mosso

In the past days, Colombia has seen a rapid increase of pushback against civil society, as people took to the streets to protest against tax reforms proposed by the current government. 

In response to the violent repression of the current social mobilisations in the country, we are offering dedicated light-touch support to activists, organisations and movements who would like to take preventive actions around their digital and organisational security, as well as when deciding on technology choices.

If you are facing an urgent immediate crisis and need rapid-response support please consider reaching out to Access Now’s Digital Security Helpline, who provide 24/7 real-time, direct technical assistance and advice in multiple languages, including Spanish.

Our Light Touch Support (LiTS) program aims to support those of you who are using data and technology or considering it to make your work more effective, but are unsure about how to do so. We conduct research when needed and provide concise, targeted advice.

Reach out to us if you have concerns or are interested in support about topics including:

  • Understanding and accessing VPN services in order to avoid content censorship. 
  • Information management planning, including guidance on how you can back up your information to avoid potential data losses.
  • Identifying tools that you can use for your remote organisational operations, digital movement building and more secure online communications with your fellow activists.
  • Information and resources on how to sustain encrypted communications.  
  • Connections with regional and international networks working on gathering evidence on police violence.
  • Connections with emergency support through the Access Now Helpline and others, and rapid response funds such as the ones from Digital Defenders Partnership.

To request support

We can provide support via video/audio call over the internet and via email (encrypted if possible).

Please email lits@theengineroom.org with the following information:

  • Your name or alias (what we should call you)
  • Whether you would like to have a video/audio call
  • If a call, what day/times you would like to speak with us
  • What topics you would like to discuss

We will respond as soon as possible. 

In solidarity,
The Engine Room

Photo: Ricardo Gomez Angel


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