LevelUp your digital security training

Maya Richman

LevelUp helps digital safety trainers and educators improve their work and better protect social change agents.

LevelUp features resources, advice, and insight for becoming a better digital safety trainer and better prepare for, manage, and evaluate events. The customizable LevelUp Trainers’ Curriculum has been field-tested to create the open and participatory dynamic found best fit for a digital security training environment.

The new LevelUp site we helped build is a living, network-maintained resource that will grow with you

We’ve just helped launch LevelUp’s new site. Despite a clear goal and well-researched content compiled over three years, the initial LevelUp site was confusing to navigate and hard to update.

Internews, the non-profit organisation managing the site, came to us earlier this year to help open the platform and transition the responsibility for maintaining it to the digital safety training community as a whole. We conducted needs-assessments, helmed web development, and finessed the UI/UX design. We could not have done it without the trainers we interviewed during the needs assessment; they brought depth and experience to the redesign process. Learn more about our process and LevelUp’s transformation in our case study.

Thanks to Nicolás Sera-Leyva for the shout-out!

…and a huge, deafening s/o to @engnroom for incredible work leading needs-assessment, UI/UX design, & web dev of #LevelUp site redesign!

— Nicolás Sera-Leyva (@nicsrlv) July 12, 2016

And special thanks to Dirk, Hannah, Julie, and Dimitrios!

We could not have redesigned LevelUp without you.

  • Dirk Slater‘s research into the Level Up community proved crucial for the needs assessment and following development stages
  • Hannah Edrosa developed the newly launched site
  • Julie Lorch provided much needed guidance on the UX front
  • Dimitrios Stamatis‘ fantastic design eye showed us the way

LevelUp is a living project, so the content will continue growing alongside its community and new learnings.

Join the community here.


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