Meet us at RightsCon 2021

Barbara Paes

RightsCon is happening next week and we’re looking forward to (virtually) meeting civil society practitioners, human rights defenders, technologists and journalists from all around the world. We’re ready to connect with the RightsCon community and exchange ideas about justice, responsible data, digital rights, ethical decision-making and more!

We invite you to join us in one of our sessions below! RSVP if you’re interested and reach out to us to connect via the RightsCon platform, we’d love to see you there!

8 June, 11:45 EDT/17:45 CET
Exploring intersectional partnerships between social justice and digital rights communities during the pandemic
During this session, we’ll share early insights from our multi-region research on how social justice actors and data and digital rights actors are working together to protect their communities during the pandemic and beyond. Then we’ll break into small groups to discuss how people are seeing this type of cross-movement approach play out (or not) in their own communities and what can be done to strengthen relationships between DDR and other social justice movements. We’ll invite small groups to share back learnings and concrete tactics with the whole group.

8 June, 14:45 EDT/20:45 CET
Building a security practitioner’s toolkit for social revolts
In the past years we’ve witnessed revolutions across the world. From Ecuador to Chile, through Colombia and Perú, people have taken to streets and mobilized against structural violence, inequality, corruption and failed governments. In a digital age, information/organisational security practitioners are integral to social justice movements and revolution. Activists who are pushing back against repression and violence need support with physical, digital and psychosocial security to keep them safe and sustain their work. In this session, Latin American information security activists share lessons learned in the streets and on devices for supporting social justice movements, and activists from other latitudes help build collective knowledge. Participants will also share their own resources wishlist for a security practitioner’s toolkit for social revolts. 

9 June, 2:30 EST/8:30 CET
Data protection from the inside: value-based data practices for civil society
During this workshop, hosted with Tactical Tech, we’ll reflect and discuss the use of personal data by civil society organisations. As a group, participants will look at how, when organising events and protests, campaigning, and researching, they themselves have agency over the lifecycle of personal data. This session also aims to open up a discussion about how our relationships with others, whether they are our colleagues, partners or grantees, can guide a value- and care-driven approach to data practice.

9 June, 13:30 EDT/18:30 CET
Build better: rethinking gender-responsive tech design
For this session, we’ll join our partners IT for Change and A+Alliance to explore gender responsive public data systems in the contexts of developing countries. We’ll touch on concerns such as designing gender inclusive administrative systems for delivery of public welfare schemes; gender implications on privacy and consent for smart city data use and data systems in automated decision making systems. During the session, participants will solve three in-depth case studies with the intention to foster cross-learning among participants on the specific gender challenges of Global South contexts.


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