Supporting the orgsec community with Internews

Paola Mosso

Earlier this year, we kicked off a project dedicated to understanding how the organisational security community is growing and what ways there are to support that growth, partnering with Internews. Through this project, we hope to highlight findings that are especially valuable for at-risk organisations and to contribute to knowledge around impact measurement in this work.

We’re excited to be working together with Internews, especially given how much we learned working with their SAFETAG audits last year. Building on that work, we continue to believe in the power of a diverse and broad orgsec community, and we look forward to learning more about what this community looks like and where it benefits from support.

Where are we now?

We are currently in the first stage of the project, researching and conducting interviews with a diverse group of practitioners who have different backgrounds and perspectives.

In these interviews, we’re building our understanding of the role that peers and online communities play (or could play) for orgsec practitioners, and we’re spotting trends in both barriers and opportunities around impact measurement in orgsec. At the end of our research, we aim to co-design relevant resources with and for orgsec practitioners and share them broadly.

How can you collaborate?

As part of this project, we’re eager to hear from orgsec practitioners who represent the diversity of the community. We know that these folks come from all kinds of different backgrounds and experiences and hope to appreciate and honour that array through our research. That means we’d like to speak with individuals who have wide-ranging experience levels (from newcomer to veteran), backgrounds, professional histories, organisational affiliations, gender identity, sexuality and more!

In these conversations, we’ll be talking about your experience, the trends and changes you have noticed, challenges you have come up against in connecting with colleagues and peers, how you share learning and knowledge, and how you think about impact in your work.

If you would be interested in sharing your experiences, you can get in touch with Paola at


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